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This Our Tableau certification course provides comprehensive training in data visualization and analytics using Tableau software. Participants learn to create interactive dashboards, design compelling visualizations, and analyze data to derive insights. The course covers various data sources and techniques, empowering learners to make data-driven decisions effectively.

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13 Weeks



May 01, 2024





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Program Overview

Master data visualization with the Tableau course. Learn interactive dashboards and compelling visualizations, extracting valuable insights for informed, data-driven decisions, advancing your skills and career prospects.


Career Advancement


Data Mastery


Interactive Dashboards


Efficient Analysis



No strict eligibility for Tableau courses. Basic computer literacy and data concept familiarity are helpful. Courses suit beginners and those enhancing data visualization and analysis skills.


Why should you learn?

This course graduates master interactive dashboards and data visualization, refining data analysis and visual storytelling for diverse industry roles, enhancing career opportunities in analytics.


Possible Job Roles

Tableau-certified professionals thrive as Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, or Data Visualization Specialists, driving data-driven decision-making processes and organizational success across industries.

Salary Range

3 to 12 Laksh Per Annum


Course Modules

13 Weeks COURSE

4 hours

Introduction and Review

In this module, participants will embark on an immersive journey into the world of Tableau, beginning with an overview of its features, functionalities, and applications in real-world scenarios.
  • Meet Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate

  • Use Measure Values and Names in a View

  • Work with Dates in Tableau

  • Define Discrete Date Parts and Continuous Date Values

7 hours

Data Source Creation and Connection

In this module, participants will delve into the fundamental aspects of creating and connecting data sources within Tableau. Understanding how to efficiently gather, clean, and prepare data is essential for meaningful analysis and visualization.
  • Access the Data Connections Page

  • Build Physical and Logical Layers

  • Connect to Single- and Multi-Table Data Sources

  • Migrate Data Sources

  • Navigate The Data Pane User Interface

  • View Data

  • Build Joins

  • Generate Unions

  • Merge Fields

  • Establish Relationship Levels of Detail

  • Set Up a Relationship Between Tables

  • Contrast Joins and Relationships

  • Combine a Data Decision Tree

  • Create Relationships Between Tables from Different Databases

3 hours

Data Extracts

In this module, participants will delve into the world of data extracts within Tableau. Data extracts are a vital component in Tableau's data visualization process, enabling users to optimize performance and work with large datasets efficiently.
  • Use Data Extracts

  • Configure and Run an Extract

  • Distinguish Between Logical and Physical Table Extracts

6 hours

Tableau Calculations

In this module of our Tableau course, learners will delve into the powerful world of Tableau calculations. Calculations in Tableau allow users to perform complex analyses, create custom fields, and derive insights from their data like never before.
  • Understand Where Calculations Occur

  • Create and Edit Calculated Fields

  • Build Calculations and Aggregations

  • Aggregate Dimensions in Calculations

  • Join Calculations

  • Define Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

3 hours

Measure Comparisons

In this module, students will delve into the fundamental concepts of measures and learn how to leverage Tableau's powerful features to visualize and interpret data accurately.
  • Compare Two Measures (Bar in Bar Chart)

  • Assess Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)

  • Use Reference Lines

  • Build Reference Bands

2 hours

Distribution Views

This module focuses on exploring the diverse ways to represent and analyze data distributions effectively.
  • Build Bins and Histograms

  • Generate Box and Whisker Plots

8 hours

Advanced Table Calculations

In this module, participants will delve into the intricacies of Tableau's advanced table calculations, unlocking the full potential of data analysis and visualization.
  • Describe Table Calculation

  • Follow Tips for Learning Table Calculations

  • Establish Levels of Control

  • Determine Table Calculation Scope and Direction

  • Assess Table Calculation Specific Dimensions

  • Evaluate Other Scope and Direction Options

  • Implement Null Values in Table Calculations

  • Generate Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis

3 hours

Parameter Creation and Usage

In this module, you will delve into the fundamental concept of parameter creation and its versatile usage within Tableau.
  • Use Parameters

  • Define Parameters and Filters

  • Harness Parameters with Reference Lines

5 hours

Data Subsets

This module delves into the intricate world of data manipulation within Tableau. Participants will explore techniques to extract, filter, and refine datasets to create meaningful subsets tailored to specific analytical needs.
  • Use Sets

  • Outline the Tableau Order of Operations

  • Combine Sets

  • Understand In and Out Sets

  • Analyze an Outlier Using Explain Data

  • Nest Sorting and Context Filters

8 hours


This module provides a comprehensive exploration of creating dynamic and impactful dashboards using Tableau software.
  • Plan Your Dashboard

  • Build Your Dashboard

  • Add Interactivity with Filters and Actions

  • Introduce Actions to Your Dashboard

  • Take Additional Dashboard Actions

  • Set Actions

  • Conduct Parameter Actions

  • Follow Visual Best Practices

  • Add Instructions and Annotations

  • Learn Tooltips

  • Remove Chart Extras

  • Publish Your Dashboard Online

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Certificate of Completion

This certificate recognizes the successful completion of the Tableau course offered by Cokonet Technologies.


Program Cohorts

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