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Enhance your .NET proficiency with our Advanced .NET Certification. Explore intricate concepts, frameworks, and projects, under expert guidance, to excel in advanced .NET development.

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8 Weeks



May 01, 2024





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Program Overview

Embark on an immersive journey into Advanced .NET Development. Master ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, front-end frameworks, database integration, and craft dynamic web applications. Unleash your potential in the tech domain!


Dive deep into advanced web development techniques


Advance your career with in-demand skills


Gain expertise in cutting-edge technologies


Seamlessly integrate .NET applications with cloud platforms



Advanced .NET is ideal for Computer Science graduates, IT professionals, and experienced .NET developers seeking to deepen their understanding and pursue careers in software development within the .NET ecosystem.


Why should you learn?

Dive deep into ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, Azure integration, microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD in our Advanced .NET course, mastering modern software development essentials.


Possible Job Roles

Learn Advanced .NET to pursue roles like Full-Stack Developer, Cloud Solutions Developer, DevOps Engineer, and more in software development, cloud computing, and database administration.

Salary Range

2 to 11 Lakhs Per Annum


Course Modules

8 Weeks COURSE

4 hours

Introduction to ASP.NET

This module covers web development concepts, MVC architecture, server-side scripting, database integration, and building dynamic web applications.
  • From ASP to ASP.NET

  • Web Forms

  • Web Services

  • ASP.NET Features

4 hours

Web Forms Architecture

Explore advanced .NET concepts in Web Forms Architecture, focusing on building dynamic web applications with robust user interface design and efficient data processing.
  • Page Class

  • Web Forms Life Cycle

  • Web Forms Event Model

  • Code-Behind

6 hours


Learn ASP.NET and HTTP protocols, covering advanced web development techniques, server-side programming, and RESTful API design for robust .NET applications.
  • Request/Response Programming

  • HttpRequest Class

  • HTTP Collections

  • HttpResponse Class

  • Redirection

  • HttpUtility Class

6 hours

Web Applications Using Visual Studio

Develop dynamic web applications using Visual Studio. Explore ASP.NET, MVC framework, web services, and database integration for robust web solutions.
  • Using Visual Web Developer

  • Visual Studio Forms Designer

  • Using Components

  • Shadow Copying

  • Using the Global.asax File

  • Data Binding

4 hours

State Management and Web Applications

Explore state management techniques and their application in developing robust web applications using advanced .NET technologies.
  • Session State

  • Application State

  • Multithreading Issues

  • Cookies

5 hours

Server Controls

Learn advanced .NET Server Controls for dynamic web application development, covering customization, event handling, and integration with databases and other web technologies.
  • HTML Server Controls

  • Web Forms Server Controls

  • Rich Controls

  • Validation Controls

  • User Controls

5 hours

Catching in ASP.NET

This module delves into advanced topics like exception handling, error logging, and robust error-catching mechanisms, enhancing developers' abilities in software debugging and troubleshooting.
  • What is Caching?

  • Page-Level Caching

  • Page Fragment Caching

  • Optimizing Your ASP.NET Applications

  • Application Caching

5 hours

ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals

Explore ASP.NET configuration and security fundamentals, covering authentication, authorization, encryption, and secure application deployment techniques.
  • Configuration Overview

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Forms Authentication

  • Windows Authentication

  • Security and ASP.NET

3 hours

More Server Controls

Dive deeper into server controls, mastering complex functionalities, customization, and integration for robust web application development.
  • Most Recent ASP.NET Controls

  • Menus

  • Master Pages

7 hours


Explore ADO.NET for database operations and LINQ for querying data, enhancing your advanced .NET development skills.
  • ADO.NET Overview

  • .NET Data Providers

  • Connections

  • Commands

  • DataReaders and Connected Access

  • Data Sets and Disconnected Access

  • Language Integrated Query

9 hours

Data Access in ASP.NET

Explore advanced data access techniques in ASP.NET, including Entity Framework, LINQ, ADO.NET, and database integration for dynamic web application development.
  • Data Source Controls

  • Connection String Storage

  • GridView

  • DetailsView

  • FormView

  • Object Data Sources

  • ListView

  • DataPager

  • LinqDataSource

7 hours

Personalization and Security

Explore advanced .NET concepts, focusing on personalization techniques and robust security measures to develop highly tailored and secure applications.
  • Configuration Overview

  • Themes

  • Skins

  • Security in ASP.NET

  • Membership and Roles

  • Login Controls

  • User Profiles

7 hours

Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX

Explore advanced .NET with ASP.NET AJAX, mastering asynchronous web development, dynamic UI updates, and seamless server-client communication for interactive and responsive web applications.
  • Rich Client Applications

  • AJAX

  • ScriptManager

  • UpdatePanel

  • AJAX Client Library

  • Remote Method Calls

  • AJAX Control Toolkit

5 hours

HTTP Pipeline

Explore advanced .NET concepts including HTTP pipeline architecture, request processing, middleware, and optimization strategies for robust web application development.
  • Pipeline Architecture

  • Context

  • Applications

  • Handlers

  • Modules

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Certificate of Completion

This is to certify that upon successful completion of our course, you have demonstrated proficiency in Advanced .NET.


Program Cohorts

May 2024 Batch



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Advanced .NET: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get detailed responses on curriculum modules, prerequisites, hands-on projects, industry relevance, job prospects, and expert guidance.

Familiarity with Core .NET concepts and programming fundamentals is recommended. Some modules may require prior experience in ASP.NET Core or Entity Framework.