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This course covers threat detection, incident response, network security, and encryption. Gain hands-on experience and expert guidance in detecting, responding to, and mitigating cyber threats.

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60 Days



May 01, 2024





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Program Overview

Master advanced cybersecurity techniques. Learn threat detection, incident response, risk management, and more. Stay ahead in cybersecurity, unlock career opportunities. Enroll now!


Work opportunities across many industries


Competitive salary packages


Learn ways to detect and contain data breaches


Lucrative opportunities for career advancements



This course is open to all interested in safeguarding digital systems. Ideal for computer science, IT, network admin, and diverse educational backgrounds with a learning mindset.


Why should you learn?

Cybersecurity curriculum spans fundamentals, networking, cryptography, web security, incident response, forensics, ethical hacking, risk management, and compliance, ensuring core principle comprehension.


Possible Job Roles

The cybersecurity field offers various career paths, including roles such as cybersecurity analyst, security engineer, penetration tester, security consultant, chief information security officer (CISO), cybersecurity manager and more.

Salary Range

3 to 18 Lakhs Per Annum


Course Modules

60 Days COURSE

6 hours

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Foundational module covers cybersecurity principles, concepts, and practices. Gain essential knowledge and skills to protect digital assets and mitigate cybersecurity risks in our increasingly digital world.
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity: Overview, Importance, and Fundamentals

  • Cyber Threat Landscape: Types of Threats, Attack Vectors, and Vulnerabilities

  • Basics of Networking: TCP/IP, OSI Model, Protocols, and Ports

  • Introduction to Cryptography: Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption, Hashing, Digital Signatures

  • Cybersecurity Standards and Frameworks: NIST, ISO, CIS Controls

  • Practical Exercises and Case Studies

6 hours

Operating Systems and Security

Explore operating systems and cybersecurity fundamentals. Gain understanding of OS functionality and its crucial role in securing computer systems and networks.
  • Introduction to Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, macOS

  • Hardening Operating Systems: User Authentication, Access Control, Patch Management

  • Malware and Antivirus: Types of Malware, Detection, and Prevention Techniques

  • Secure Configuration: Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

  • Secure Administration: User Account Management, Logging, Auditing

  • Practical Labs and Hands-on Exercises

6 hours

Network Security

Explore network security principles, techniques, and best practices. Secure network infrastructure, prevent cyber-attacks, and ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Network Fundamentals: IP Addressing, Subnetting, DHCP, DNS

  • Network Attacks: DoS/DDoS, Man-in-the-Middle, Spoofing, Packet Sniffing

  • Network Security Devices: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VPNs

  • Wireless Security: Wi-Fi Standards, Encryption Protocols, WPA/WPA2, Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS)

  • Secure Protocols: SSL/TLS, SSH, HTTPS

  • Practical Labs and Simulations

6 hours

Application Security

Explore securing software against cyber threats with a focus on principles, techniques, and best practices. Safeguard applications in the interconnected digital landscape with robust security measures.
  • Web Application Security: OWASP Top 10, Injection Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • Secure Coding Practices: Input Validation, Output Encoding, Parameterized Queries

  • Secure Development Lifecycle: Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment

  • Mobile Application Security: Android and iOS Security, Code Signing, Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Secure APIs: Authentication, Authorization, Rate Limiting, Input Validation

  • Practical Exercises and Code Reviews

6 hours

Incident Response and Forensics

Equip students with skills for cybersecurity incident response and digital forensics, covering incident handling phases and mitigation techniques for diverse threats.
  • Incident Response Process: Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery

  • Digital Forensics Fundamentals: Evidence Collection, Preservation, Analysis, Reporting

  • Incident Handling: Handling Malware Incidents, Data Breaches, Insider Threats

  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Chain of Custody, Privacy Laws, Regulatory Compliance

  • Case Studies and Mock Incidents

  • Capstone Project: Incident Response Plan Development and Simulation

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Certificate of Completion

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Cybersecurity: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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No, prior cybersecurity knowledge is not required. The course is designed to accommodate beginners.