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SAP Production Planning

The SAP Production Planning in S/4HANA course provides comprehensive training in optimizing and managing production processes using SAP's advanced ERP solution. Participants gain practical skills in production planning, execution, and integration, preparing them for high-demand roles in the manufacturing industry.

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75 Hours



Jul 03, 2024





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Program Overview

This comprehensive course is designed for individuals aspiring to master SAP Production Planning (PP) within the SAP S/4HANA environment. The curriculum spans foundational concepts to advanced functionalities, providing participants with a robust understanding of production planning, execution, and integration within the SAP S/4HANA suite.


High demand for trained professionals


Competitive edge in the job market


ERP system expertise


Future proof career growth



Graduates in BTech, Business Administration, BE, M.Sc etc can learn SAP PP. Diverse backgrounds welcomed.


Why should you learn?

Learning SAP Production Planning in S/4HANA equips you with in-demand skills essential for optimizing manufacturing processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This expertise opens up lucrative career opportunities in roles such as Production Planner and SAP PP Consultant, positioning you as a valuable asset to any organization.


Possible Job Roles

Upon completion of this course, one can work as Production Planner, Production Analyst, Production Planning and Control.

Salary Range

4 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs Annual Salary in INR


Course Modules

75 Hours COURSE

1 hour

Introduction to SAP

Introduction to the course and the module.
  • Overview of SAP software and its functionalities.

2 hours

Organizational Structure

Defines how activities such as planning, production, and sales are structured within SAP.
  • Setting up and configuring organizational units in SAP

3 hours

Material Master Creation

Process of setting up and maintaining detailed information about materials in SAP, including attributes like description, dimensions, and procurement details.
  • Creating and maintaining master data for materials

4 hours

BOM Creation

Building a Bill of Materials that lists the components needed to produce a finished product.
  • Building Bill of Materials for products

2 hours

Alternate BOMs

Variants of a BOM that allow for different configurations of a product.
  • Creating alternative BOMs for different production scenarios

3 hours

Work Center Creation

Establishing work centers where production activities like assembly or machining take place.
  • Setting up work centers where manufacturing operations are performed

3 hours


Defines the sequence of operations and work centers required to produce a material.
  • Defining the sequence of operations in production

2 hours

Production Version

Specific version of a product's master data used in production planning.
  • Managing different versions of routings and BOMs for production

3 hours

SOP (Sales Operations Planning)

Integrates sales forecasts with operational plans to align production and sales activities.
  • Sales Operations Planning: Integrating sales forecasting with production planning

3 hours

LTP (Long Term Planning)

Strategic planning to meet future demand and capacity requirements.
  • Long Term Planning: Long-term capacity and production planning in SAP

3 hours

Demand Management

Forecasting and managing customer demand for products.
  • Forecasting and managing demand for products

3 hours

MPS (Master Production Scheduling)

Detailed plan specifying how much to produce and when.
  • Detailed planning of production schedules

4 hours

MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

Calculates material requirements based on production schedules, taking into account inventory levels and lead times.
  • Calculating material requirements based on production plans

2 hours

Lot Sizing Procedures

Methods used to determine the quantity of materials to be produced or purchased.
  • Determining lot sizes for production orders

3 hours

Processing Planned Orders

Executing production activities based on planned orders generated by MRP.
  • Executing planned production orders in SAP

2 hours

Planned Order Conversion

Converting planned orders into production orders to initiate manufacturing.
  • Converting planned orders into production orders

3 hours

Production Order Creation

Creating orders to produce specific quantities of products or assemblies.
  • Creating and managing production orders in SAP

2 hours

Creation of PIR (Planned Independent Requirements)

Forecasts of future demand for products based on historical data and market trends.
  • Managing independent demand in SAP

2 hours


Automatically reducing inventory of components after production based on the quantity of finished products produced.
  • Automatic material consumption in SAP production orders

3 hours

Capacity Planning

Determining if sufficient resources (like labor and machines) are available to meet production needs.
  • Planning production capacity based on resources

2 hours

Capacity Leveling

Balancing workloads across different resources to avoid overloading or underutilization.
  • Balancing production workload across resources

2 hours

Goods Issue Against Planned Order

Withdrawing materials from inventory for production based on planned order requirements.
  • Recording material withdrawals for production

2 hours

Goods Receipt Against Planned Order

Receiving finished products into inventory after production based on planned order completion.
  • Confirming finished goods production

2 hours

Batch Management in SAP PP

Tracking and managing materials produced and received in batches for quality control and traceability.
  • Managing batch-specific data for materials

2 hours

MM PP Integration

Integration between Materials Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules in SAP.
  • Integration of SAP Material Management with Production Planning

2 hours

PP SD Integration

Integration between Production Planning (PP) and Sales and Distribution (SD) modules to synchronize production and sales activities.
  • Integration of SAP Sales and Distribution with Production Planning

2 hours

PP WM Integration

Integration between Production Planning (PP) and Warehouse Management (WM) for streamlined inventory management.
  • Integration of SAP Warehouse Management with Production Planning

2 hours

PP QM Integration

Integration between Production Planning (PP) and Quality Management (QM) to ensure products meet quality standards during production.
  • Integration of SAP Quality Management with Production Planning

2 hours

PP FICO Integration

Integration between Production Planning (PP) and Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) modules for cost management and financial reporting.
  • Integration of SAP Financial Accounting with Production Planning

2 hours

Information System

Reports and analytics within SAP to monitor and analyze production and planning data.
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities in SAP PP

2 hours

SAP PP Tables Study

Understanding and using key tables in SAP PP for data storage and retrieval.
  • Understanding key tables used in SAP PP module

2 hours


Leveraging SAP's S/4HANA platform for enhanced performance and functionality in Production Planning.
  • Features and advantages of SAP S/4HANA in Production Planning

2 hours

Introduction to Advanced Modules such as SAP APO and SAP IBP

Overview of advanced SAP modules for extended capabilities in planning and optimization.
  • Overview of SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization tools

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Program Cohorts

Jul 2024 Batch



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