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This course covers advanced React concepts including state management, hooks, context API, routing, and performance optimization for building scalable and efficient web applications.

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6 Weeks



Jun 02, 2023



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Program Overview

Level up with Cokonet's React.js program. Master dynamic web app development with expert guidance, paving the way to becoming a skilled React.js developer.


Offers abundant job opportunities and career growth


Enables better SEO performance


Develop web, mobile, and desktop applications


Competitive salaries due to high demand



Open to those with basic computer knowledge. Some courses may require prior programming or IT experience. Dive into React.js for dynamic web development.


Why should you learn?

Tailored for beginners and intermediate learners, this complimentary React.js training extensively covers essential concepts such as JSX syntax, component-based architecture, state management, routing, and integrating with external libraries and APIs.


Possible Job Roles

Advance your career with React.js expertise, opening doors to roles in web development, software engineering, UI/UX design, and tech leadership.

Salary Range

4 to 8 Lakhs Per Annum


Course Modules

6 Weeks COURSE

9 hours

Introduction to React

Dive into React.js basics, including components, JSX, state management, and event handling, to build dynamic web applications effectively.
  • What is React?

  • Why React?

  • React version history

  • React 16 vs React 15

  • Just React – Hello World

  • Using create-react-app

  • Anatomy of react project

  • Running the app

  • Debugging first react app

6 hours

Templating using JSX

Explore JSX's power for dynamic UI components. Master JSX fundamentals, including expressions, attributes, components, and event handling in React.js.
  • Working with React. createElement

  • Expressions

  • Using logical operators

  • Specifying attributes

  • Specifying children

  • Fragments

6 hours

About Components

Learn to create reusable UI elements, manage state, and compose component-based applications for dynamic web development.
  • Significance of component architecture

  • Types of components

  • Functional

  • Class based

  • Pure

  • Component Composition

5 hours

Working with state and props

Learn to efficiently manage component data flow for dynamic and interactive web applications.
  • What is state and it significance

  • Read state and set state

  • Passing data to component using props

  • Validating props using propTypes

  • Supplying default values to props using defaultProps

2 hours

Rendering lists

Learn efficient rendering techniques for dynamically displaying lists of data in React components.
  • Using react key prop

  • Using map function to iterate on arrays to generate elements

3 hours

Event handling in React

Master event handling in React with our module. Learn to manage and respond to user interactions efficiently for dynamic web applications.
  • Understanding React event system

  • Understanding Synthetic event

  • Passing arguments to event handlers

2 hours

Understanding component lifecycle and handling errors

Explore React.js component lifecycle and error handling, mastering efficient management and troubleshooting for seamless application development.
  • Understand the lifecycle methods

  • Handle errors using error boundaries

4 hours

Working with forms</str

Master working with forms in React.js. Learn state management, controlled components, form validation, and handling user input efficiently.
  • Controlled components

  • Uncontrolled components

  • Understand the significance to default Value prop

  • Using react ref prop to get access to DOM element

6 hours


Manage component lifecycle efficiently, handling mounting, updating, and unmounting phases. Optimize performance and enhance user experience.
  • What is context

  • When to use context

  • Create Context

  • Context.Provider

  • Context.Consumer

  • Reading context in class

5 hours


Learn code-splitting techniques in React.js to optimize performance. Split your code into smaller bundles for faster loading times.
  • What is code splitting

  • Why do you need code splitting

  • React.lazy

  • Suspense

  • Route-based code splitting

5 hours


Explore React's Hooks for state management and lifecycle in functional components. Dive into useState, useEffect, useContext, and custom hooks.
  • What are hooks

  • Why do you need hooks

  • Different types of hooks

  • Using state and effect hooks

  • Rules of hooks

11 hours

Routing with React Router

Enable seamless navigation in React applications. Define routes, handle dynamic routing, and manage browser history for a smooth user experience.
  • Setting up react router

  • Understand routing in single page applications

  • Working with BrowserRouter and HashRouter components

  • Configuring route with Route component

  • Using Switch component to define routing rules

  • Making routes dynamic using route params

  • Working with nested routes

  • Navigating to pages using Link and NavLink component

  • Redirect routes using Redirect Component

  • Using Prompt component to get consent of user for navigation

  • Path less Route to handle failed matches

5 hours

Just Redux

Centralized state management for React apps. Simplifies complex data flow, enhances predictability, and enables efficient application scaling.
  • What is redux

  • Why redux

  • Redux principles

  • Install and setup redux

  • Creating actions, reducer and store

5 hours


Immutable data structures for JavaScript. Enhance React.js performance and simplify state management with persistent immutable collections.
  • What is Immutable.js?

  • Immutable collections

  • Lists

  • Maps

  • Sets

6 hours

React Redux

Integrates Redux state management into React applications for efficient, predictable state handling, simplifying complex UI interactions.
  • What is React Redux

  • Why React Redux

  • Install and setup

  • Presentational vs Container components

  • Understand high order component

  • Understanding mapStateToProps and mapDispatchtToProps usage

6 hours

Redux Middleware

Enhances Redux store's behavior. Intercept actions, perform asynchronous tasks, and modify actions before they reach reducers.
  • Why redux middleware

  • Available redux middleware choices

  • What is redux saga

  • Install and setup redux saga

  • Working with Saga helpers

  • Sagas vs promises

4 hours

Unit Testing

Unit Testing in React.js: Learn to implement and execute unit tests for React components, ensuring code reliability and performance. Essential for quality assurance.
  • Understand the significance of unit testing

  • Understand unit testing jargon and tools

  • Unit testing react components with Jest

  • Unit testing react components with enzyme

7 hours

Webpack Primer

Learn the fundamentals of Webpack for efficient module bundling and asset management in React.js projects.
  • What is webpack

  • Why webpack

  • Install and setup webpack

  • Working with webpack configuration file

  • Working with loaders

  • Working with plugins

  • Setting up Hot Module Replacement

3 hours

Isomorphic React

Achieve server-side rendering for React applications, enhancing performance and SEO. Simplify codebase management across client and server environments.
  • What is server-side rendering (SSR)?

  • Why SSR

  • Working with render To String and render To StaticM arkup methods

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The React.js course on Cokonet teaches fundamental and advanced concepts for building dynamic web applications using React.js.