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Master full-stack web development with our MERN Stack course. Cover MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js for comprehensive modern web app skills.

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20 Weeks



Apr 01, 2024





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Program Overview

Master the MERN stack: MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js. Build modern web apps from scratch. Ideal for beginners and experienced developers alike.


Become proficient in full-stack web development


Gain hands-on experience in developing scalable and efficient web solutions


Enhance your career prospects


Develop a diverse project portfolio



Enrollment requires basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript knowledge. Familiarity with React.js is advantageous but not mandatory. Suitable for beginners and intermediate developers advancing in web development.


Why should you learn?

Upon completion of this course, you'll create modern web apps with MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. Showcase your full-stack skills through a project portfolio, readying for web dev careers.


Possible Job Roles

Upon completion, you will be qualified for job roles such as Full Stack Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, and Web Developer.

Salary Range

3 to 12 Lakhs Per Annum


Course Modules

20 Weeks COURSE

6 hours

HTML5 – Part 1

Web Development introduces website structure, functionality, and design fundamentals. Explore web history, understand website mechanics, and discover the benefits of mastering web development.
  • What is Web Development?

  • How Do Websites Work?

  • Advantages of Learning Web Development

  • History of Web Development

  • Course and Projects Overview

  • Project Lifecycle

10 hours

HTML5 – Part 2

This module explores webpage structure, essential tags, text formatting, images, and forms. Learn advanced features like maps, SVG graphics, and form validation, enhancing your web development skills.
  • What is HTML?

  • Structure of a Webpage

  • HTML Tags

  • Adding and Formatting Texts, Title, Paragraph and Body

  • Lists – Ordered/Unordered

  • Images

  • Forms

  • Map

  • SVG

  • HTML5 Form Validation

9 hours

CSS3 – Part 1

Explore core web design concepts, creating interactive pages with links, tables, iframes, and videos. Use anchor tags, divs, CSS for styling, and add animations for engaging designs.
  • Links

  • Tables

  • Iframes, Videos

  • Anchor Tags

  • HTML Divs

  • CSS Introduction

  • Inline v/s Internal v/s External Styling

  • CSS Display

  • Animation

7 hours

Advanced CSS – Part 1

Unlock the full potential of CSS with 'Advanced CSS. Learn techniques for styling backgrounds, borders, margins, and padding. Dive into font styling, list and table styling, gradients, Font Awesome icons, and master media queries for responsive design.
  • CSS Backgrounds, Borders, Margins, Padding

  • CSS Font Styling

  • Stylings Lists

  • Styling Tables, Forms

  • Gradients

  • Font Awesome

  • Media Query

7 hours

Advanced CSS – Part 2

Explore advanced topics such as tool tips, buttons, transitions, transformations, and animations. Master layout techniques like box sizing, flexbox, and grid. Learn to use SASS for more efficient and maintainable stylesheets.
  • Tool Tips

  • Buttons

  • Transitions, Transformation, Animations

  • Box Sizing

  • Flex

  • Grid

  • SASS

4 hours

Bootstrap – Part 1

Explore a range of styling options for tables, images, and colors, and learn how to use Bootstrap components such as alerts, buttons, spinners, and cards to enhance user interfaces.
  • Bootstrap Containers

  • Tables, Images, Colours

  • Alerts, Buttons

  • Spinners, Cards

4 hours

Bootstrap – Part 2

Learn advanced components like pagination, dropdowns, and carousels to enhance user interaction. Develop a stylish to-do app frontend using Bootstrap. Also, get an overview of GitHub for version control and collaboration in web development projects."
  • Pagination, Drop Down

  • Carousel

  • To-do App – Develop To-do App Frontend Using Bootstrap

  • GitHub Overview

5 hours

JavaScript – Part 1

Explore the basics of JavaScript, including variables, scoping, data types, strings, numbers, operators, loops, and functions, setting a solid foundation for dynamic web development.
  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • Variables, Scoping, Data Type

  • Strings and Numbers

  • Operators and Loops

  • Functions

6 hours

JavaScript – Part 2

Explore advanced JavaScript concepts like arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, maps, and hashing. Enhance skills in complex data structures and algorithm implementation, deepening your JavaScript understanding and web development proficiency.
  • Arrays

  • Linked List

  • Stacks

  • Queues

  • Maps

  • Hashing

3 hours

JavaScript – Part 3

Explore advanced JavaScript techniques, including DOM manipulation for dynamic web pages. Learn browser developer tools for debugging, testing, and jQuery for streamlined DOM manipulation and event handling.
  • Understanding and Working with DOM

  • Developer tools in Browsers

  • jQuery

5 hours

JavaScript – Part 4

Delve into advanced JavaScript concepts like prototypes and closures for efficient code. Learn local storage for data persistence, and master AJAX and Promises for dynamic web apps.
  • Prototypes

  • Closures

  • Local Storage

  • Ajax

  • Promises

2 hours

JavaScript – Part 5

Explore JavaScript's evolution from ES5 to ES7, understanding each version's improvements. Gain insight into the event loop for managing asynchronous operations, enhancing your web development skills.
  • ES5 v/s Es6 v/s Es7

  • Event Loop in JavaScript

8 hours


Explore Node.js for server-side JavaScript. Learn its introduction, features, and installation. Understand its applications and asynchronous event advantages. Gain insights into Node.js' performance for web apps.
  • Introduction to Node.js

  • Why Node.js?

  • Features of Node.js

  • Node.js - Installation & configuration

  • Where to use Node.js ?

  • Server-side JavaScript

  • Asynchronous Events v/s Threads

  • Performance

4 hours

REPL Terminal

Explore the Node.js REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) module. Learn its functionality, commands, and operation. Master using and stopping the REPL for efficient Node.js development.
  • REPL Introduction

  • REPL Commands

  • Operation In REPL

  • Stopping REPL

4 hours


Explore Node Package Manager (NPM). Learn efficient package and dependency management in Node.js projects. Discover NPM's ecosystem to enhance your development workflow.
  • What is Event Loop?

  • Event Driven Programming

  • Event Emitter

  • Call back function

5 hours

Utility Module

Explore Node.js core modules like OS, Path, Net, DNS, and Domain for enhanced development skills. Utilize their functionalities in projects for improved performance, broadening your expertise in Node.js.
  • OS module

  • Path module

  • Net Module

  • DNS Module

  • Domain Module

4 hours

Web Module

Explore web servers and their role in web architecture. Create servers and clients with Node.js, enhancing your web development understanding with key concepts and practical implementations.
  • What is a Web-server?

  • Web Application Architecture

  • Creating a Web-server Using Node

  • Creating a Web Client Using Node

10 hours

Express.js Introduction

Explore Express.js basics. Install, handle requests/responses, manage cookies, serve files, and implement RESTful APIs with Node.js, enhancing web development skills.
  • What is Framework?

  • Express.js Overview

  • Installing Express.js

  • Request & Response

  • Request Object

  • Response Object

  • HTTP Method with Node

  • Serving Statics File

  • Cookies Management

  • REST with Node.js

4 hours


Delve into advanced Express.js concepts. Learn routing for HTTP requests, configuration for app customization, dynamic content generation, and middleware for enhanced server functionality in Node.js web development.
  • Routing

  • Configuration

  • Views

  • Middleware

10 hours

Building an Express App

Build robust web apps with Express.js. Create an app, use Jade for views, manage datasets, filter data, handle HTTP requests, and customize responses for dynamic web experiences.
  • Creating an Express app/project

  • Organising/structuring the app

  • Generating HTML views with Jade

  • Navigating datasets

  • Filtering Data

  • Request variables and routes

  • Posting Data

  • Modifying Data Through PUT Requests

  • Handling GET Requests Returning JSON

  • Modifying HTTP Response Headers

7 hours

Node with REST API

Learn REST API concepts and implementation in Node.js. Explore REST architecture, HTTP methods, responses, create/test APIs, and use Postman for debugging. Improve API development skills.
  • Introduction to REST API

  • REST Architecture

  • HTTP Methods

  • HTTP Response

  • Creating REST

  • Testing REST


4 hours


Introduce React JS. Explore its advantages in UI development, workflow, and scope in modern web development. Gain foundational understanding for dynamic web app creation.
  • React JS Introduction

  • Advantages of React JS

  • Work Flow of React JS

  • Scope of React JS

6 hours

Overview of JSX

Discover JSX, covering Virtual DOM performance benefits, syntax distinctions from JavaScript, React components like containers, child components, and namespace components, and JavaScript expressions for dynamic content rendering.
  • Introduction of Virtual DOM

  • Difference between JS and JSX

  • React Components Overview

  • Containers and Components

  • What are Child Components? What are Namespace components?

  • What are the JavaScript Expressions Available in JSX?

7 hours

React.js Environment Setups

Set up your React JS environment with Node.js and NPM. Learn about package.json and ES6 features. Understand Webpack for bundling assets. Discover the best IDEs for React JS and browser plugins.
  • Node Setup

  • How to Use NPM?

  • How to Create Package.json and What is Its Purpose?

  • ES6 - Introduction and Features

  • Webpack Overview

  • Best IDE for React JS and How to Write Optimized Code in React JS?

  • React JS Browser Plugins Overview

6 hours

A Real-time Application by using JS

Create a real-time React JS app, constructing components with JSX, nesting components, understanding rendering and props, including prop validation, managing state flow, initialization, and updates for dynamic application behavior.
  • Create a React Component with JSX Template

  • How to Create Nested Components?

  • What is React JS render?

  • React Props Overview

  • Introduction of Props Validation with Data Types

  • Flow of States, Initialize States and Update States

11 hours

React.js Forms and UI

Explore React JS forms and UI components, covering form setups, input control, validation, styling, and an introduction to animations.
  • Lists of Form components

  • Setup Controlled and Uncontrolled form compoents

  • Control Input elements

  • How to set default values on all formats of Input elements

  • React JS Form validations

  • How to write Styles

  • Animations overview

  • Practicals

8 hours

React.js Components Lifecycle Overview

.Explore React JS component life cycles, covering initial rendering, props and state changes, and ComponentWillMount, ComponentDidMount, and ComponentUnmount methods for effective state management.
  • Initial Render

  • Props Change

  • Stage Change

  • Component WillMount

  • Component DidMount

  • Component Unmount

  • Practicals

8 hours

Routing in React.js and Other .js Concepts

Explore React JS routing, single-page applications, React Router configuration, history management, conditional JSX, and Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE) for complex logic.
  • Single Page Application Overview

  • How to configure React Router?

  • History of Router

  • How to Handle Conditional Statement in JSX?

  • IIFE in JSX for Complex Logic Overview

  • Practicals

2 hours

Event Handling in JSX

Immerse in practical React JS exercises, create single-page apps, apply routing for navigation, and dynamically render components based on URLs, enhancing user interactivity.
  • onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange

  • How to share events between the components?

4 hours

Writing Styles in React.js

Learn how to style your React JS applications effectively in this module. Get an overview of using CSS and inline styles in React JS. Explore the concept of styled components for creating and managing styles in a more modular and efficient way.
  • CSS and Inline Styles in React JS overview

  • Introduction to Styled Components

  • Practicals

4 hours

React Router for Navigation

Explore React Router for navigation. Load the Router library, configure React Router, pass/receive parameters, and integrate React-cookie for managing cookies in your React application.
  • How to Load the Router Library?

  • Configure the React Router?

  • How to Pass and Receive Parameters?

  • Integration of React-cookie Overview

9 hours

Flux Overview

Learn about Flux architecture. Explore its key components: stores, dispatchers, view controllers, actions, and views. Understand how Flux integrates with React for managing data flow in applications.
  • What is Flux Architecture?

  • What are the Flux Components Available?

  • Stores

  • Dispatchers

  • View Controllers

  • Actions

  • Views

  • How does Flux work?

  • Flux and React Works together

8 hours

Redux Overview

This module covers Redux core concepts, including single store, actions, reducers, provider components, sagas, dispatchers, view controllers, and selectors for efficient state management.
  • Introduction to One Store

  • Provider Component

  • Actions

  • Reducers

  • Sagas

  • Dispatchers

  • View Controllers

  • Selector

5 hours

Unit Testing Overview

Explore unit testing for React applications, covering tools, principles, and practical JEST experience to ensure component and React Router resilience.
  • What are the Necessary Tools Required for Unit Testing?

  • React Unit Testing Overview

  • Introduction to JEST

  • How to Test React Component?

  • How to Test React Router?

4 hours

NoSQL Database

This module introduces NoSQL databases, covering concepts, advantages, types, flexibility, scalability, and performance benefits over relational databases.
  • Introduction to NOSQL DB

  • Overview of DB

  • Advantages of NOSQL DB

  • Types of NOSQL DB

7 hours


This module explores MongoDB collections, covering creation, deletion, and operations. Learn effective data management strategies for MongoDB collections, differentiating them from relational database tables.
  • Introduction to MongoDB

  • Installation and Configuration of MongoDB

  • Start and Stop MongoDB Connection with JavaScript and Node.js

  • Static and Dynamic Schemas

  • Data Modelling

  • Create Database

  • Drop Database

5 hours

MongoDB Collection

Explore MongoDB collections, covering essential concepts and operations. Learn to create, drop, and manage collections, understanding their differences from relational database tables for effective data management.
  • Introduction to Collection

  • Collection Vs Tables

  • Create Collection

  • Drop Collection

  • Operation on MongoDB

5 hours

MongoDB Document

This module offers a detailed look at MongoDB documents, covering creation, insertion, updating, and deletion. Understand how documents are central to MongoDB's data model and data management principles. This module covers MongoDB documents, including creation, insertion, updating, and deletion. Understand how documents are fundamental to MongoDB's data model.
  • Introduction to Document

  • Create Document

  • Insert Document

  • Update Document

  • Delete Document

4 hours

MongoDB Operation

This module covers advanced MongoDB operations such as limiting and sorting records, indexing for performance, and creating backups for data security and recovery, enhancing database management and application performance.
  • MongoDB - Limit Records

  • MongoDB - Sort Records

  • MongoDB - Indexing

  • MongoDB - Create Backup

5 hours


This module introduces JSON, exploring its fundamentals, applications, and data structures. Learn about JSON's versatility in web development and APIs, its data types, and how to work with JSON objects, including JSON schemas for data validation and structure definition.
  • Introduction to JSON

  • Uses of JSON

  • JSON Datatype

  • JSON Object

  • JSON Schemas

3 hours

MongoDB with JavaScript

This module covers JavaScript interactions with MongoDB, including creating and deleting collections, and creating and deleting documents. Learn to perform insert, update, and delete operations on MongoDB documents using JavaScript.
  • Creating and Dropping Collection by JavaScript application

  • Creating and Deleting Document by JavaScript Application

  • Insert, Update, Delete Operation with JavaScript

7 hours


This module provides a comprehensive understanding of REST API, covering architecture, HTTP methods, and testing strategies. Explore design, implementation, and use of tools like Postman for testing.
  • Introduction to REST API

  • REST Architecture

  • HTTP Methods

  • HTTP Response

  • Creating REST

  • Testing REST


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