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SAP Human Capital Management

This course offers comprehensive Human Capital Management training, covering personnel administration, payroll, recruitment, and organizational management, tailored for HR professionals and SAP consultants.

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60 Days



Apr 01, 2024





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Program Overview

Master SAP HCM from basics to advanced, managing HR processes, employee data, and payroll efficiently. Ideal for HR newcomers or experienced professionals aiming for SAP HCM roles.


Streamline HR processes for efficiency and accuracy


Improve employee satisfaction with better HR service delivery


Ensure compliance with regulations and company policies


Enable data-driven decision-making for HR and business leaders



Eligibility for the SAP HCM course usually requires a bachelor's degree, basic computer skills, and English proficiency, with some courses needing HR or SAP experience.


Why should you learn?

After completing the SAP HCM course, learners gain practical skills in managing HR processes, employee data, and payroll, opening new career opportunities in HR management and SAP consulting.


Possible Job Roles

After studying this course, learners can pursue job roles such as SAP HCM consultant, HR manager, payroll specialist, HRIS analyst, and organizational development manager.

Salary Range

3 to 25 Lakhs Per Annum


Course Modules

60 Days COURSE

14 hours

THR10 – PART 1

The THR10 module offers a comprehensive overview of SAP HCM, covering basics, navigation, HCM structure, and key functions for effective HR management.
  • SAP Overview

  • THR10 Course Overview

  • Navigation

  • Structure in Human Capital Management

  • Personnel Administration

  • Time Management

  • Introduction To Payroll

  • Recruitment

  • Development And Learning

  • Enterprise Compensation Management

  • Personnel Cost Planning

  • End User Service Delivery

  • Analytical Functions

  • Travel Expenses And Planning

0 minutes

THR10 – PART 2

Participants explore configuring and managing SAP HCM, covering master data setup, recruitment, organizational structures, and authorization protocols for effective system management.
  • Configuration of Master Data-Overview

  • Hiring An Employee

  • Managing And Editing Projects

  • Enterprise Structure

  • Organizational Structure

  • Defining default values-Features

  • Personal Data

  • Links between Planned working time and Basic

  • Remunerations structure

  • Wage type structure

  • Reports for changes to Remuneration

  • Infotypes

  • Configuration of Personnel Actions

  • Dynamic Actions

  • Management of Global Employees

  • Authorization in HCM Course-Overview

  • Setting Up General Authorization Checks

  • Indirect Role Assignment

  • Structural Authorization Checks

18 hours

THR12 – PART 1

This module offers a comprehensive overview of SAP HCM Management/Administration II, focusing on Payroll and Time Management, preparing learners for effective HCM administration.
  • THR-12Couse Overview

  • Payroll Business Process Course

  • Entering Payroll Data

  • Organizing a Live Payroll Run

  • Payroll Process

  • Payroll Reports

  • Posting Payroll Result to Accounting

  • Bank Transfers and Check Processing

  • Process Model

  • Time Management Configuration Course- Overview

  • Overview of Time Recording

  • Enterprise Structure and Groupings

  • Work Schedule

  • Part -Time Work Force

  • Time Data Recording and Administration

  • Attendance and Absence Counting

  • Attendance and Absence Quotas

  • Time Managers Workplace

18 hours

THR12 – PART 2

This module covers SAP HCM Organizational Management, including infotype maintenance, matrix organization setup, integration, reporting, HR analytics, and certification preparation.
  • THE-12Course Overview

  • Organizational Management Course-Overview

  • Concept of Organizational Management

  • The Organization and Staff Interface

  • Expert Mode: Infotype Maintenance

  • Expert Mode: Simple Maintenance

  • General Structure and Matrix Organization

  • Integration With Personnel Administration

  • Managers Desktop and Managers Self -Service

  • Evolution and Reports

  • Analytics and Reporting in HCM -Overview

  • Infosystem in the SAP Easy Excess Manu

  • Logical Databases and Infosets

  • Ad Hoc Query

  • SAP Query

  • Payroll and Time Management Infotypes

  • HR in BW and SCM

  • Overview of SAP Solution Manager

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate through SAP Learning Hub Business Edition Program


Program Cohorts

Apr 2024 Batch



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You will learn about payroll processes, time management configuration, organizational management, reporting, and analytics in SAP HCM.